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Doing business in Novo mesto


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Slovenian export capital .

Novo mesto is the regional and national centre of economic development. As proven many times throughout history, the residents of Novo mesto never lacked ingenuity, entrepreneurship, ideas and visions. Even the flagship business of Slovenian economy, Krka d.d. has grown from a family pharmaceutical laboratory, and now ranks among the world's top producers of generic drugs. In Novo mesto, we also have the only Slovenian carmaker, Revoz, as well as major player in the European market of caravans, campers and mobile homes, Adria Mobil, not to forget the recognized development supplier in the automotive industry, the TPV Group. The above mentioned and many other companies of various sizes hold the merit that Novo mesto can justifiably be called the main hub of Slovenian export economy.

Market-leading companies Krka, Revoz, Adria Mobil, TPV are the engine of the economy and economic development in general. In addition to the leading chemical industries and the automotive industry, a great potential in Novo mesto is also seen in strengthening the IT industry, production industry and design.

More jobs than residents

Novo mesto is the most important industrial settlement in the wider area, therefore, it attracts labour force. Its impact is not confined to South-east Slovenia only, it goes far beyond, even to the Posavje region, and with certain activities, also across the border, to Croatia.

Over 2900 companies with other organizations offer jobs to 23000 employees, of which 12000 are residents of Novo mesto, all others come from somewhere else. Just 3000 of our residents commute out of their hometown to work. All this strains our infrastructure to the maximum, so constant maintenance and development is needed to support the desired development of Novo mesto and the broader region.


Perfect geographic position: between two capitals 

The geographic position of Novo mesto is most fortunate, being that it located midway (on the A2 motorway) between two capitals: 70 km southeast of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and 80 km west of Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Due to the highway that means is only about 40 minutes in each direction.

The highway and the town location next to the highway also influences on the rest of the development opportunities requested by the transport and logistics chain. An even greater boost in economy would be provided by the construction of the third development axis and infrastructural regulations of the economic zones identified by the municipality with the adoption of municipal spatial plan. ​

Airport Prečna for sport airplanes is located a few kilometers outside Novo mesto and has great potential for further development.



The Municipality of Novo mesto wants to be the driver for developing the positive environment for private initiatives, enabling them the opportunities to prosper. Therefore, the municipality is eager to participate in regional, national and international platforms and networks to find partners and cooperate in projects to positively drive our development. We are initiative-friendly and vigilant to the impulses from the environment while working on executing our primary role: building infrastructure and making sure all the support systems are fully functional for our people and companies are getting the best quality service.


The region of excellence

Among all regions in Slovenia, economy indicators position the Dolenjska region at the very top. According to the percentage of net sales realized in foreign markets, the net value added per employee and the net revenues, the region is in the first place, while in terms of revenue per employee in the fourth place.


Numerous regional institutions supporting economy

Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina

Development Centre Novo Mesto

Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto

Faculty of Organisation Studies​

Faculty of Information studies ​

Landscape Governance College Grm Novo mesto​

Higher Education Centre Novo Mesto​


Economy indicators
• 23,000 employees
• 53,049 EUR net value added per employee
• 244.8 M EUR net profit
• 2,290 M EUR net profit from 2005 to 2015
• 4,476.55 M EUR total revenues
• 1,180.3 M EUR net value added  
• 2,900 companies (11 large and 15 middle-sized)
• manufacturing employs 2/3 of all the workers in the region
• 52 % more jobs than there are economically active residents  
• Companies in the region generated 66 % of their revenues (2,949 M EUR) from sales on foreign markets (Slovenia 39 %)
• 2,410 M EUR in the countries of the European Union (2015)
• 636 companies from the region have generated revenues from sales on foreign markets


Main companies 

From a pharmaceutical laboratory founded in 1954, Krka d.d. has grown into a company that is currently ranked in the world's top producers of generic medicines. As their primary mission they highlight the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription and veterinary products. In addition to the above they also deal in health tourism.

Revoz is the only Slovenian car manufacturer and one of the largest exporters in the country. The legendary "katrca” (Renault 4) has been replaced by three modern cars, produced in Novo Mesto. These are the 3rd generation Twingo, Clio II, dedicated to North African markets, and smart fourfour. Production of cars is based on more than six decades of experience. 

The first caravan, which was exported to Sweden, was built in Novo Mesto in 1965. Since then, Adria Mobil has become a major player in the European market of caravans, motorhomes, vans and mobile homes.

TPV Group is a company that has evolved from the tradition of the former Moto Montaža and has today established itself as a development supplier in the automotive industry. They are recognized on the market as reliable partners of international operators and innovative creators of their own products.  

The family company Bobič has been engaged for three generations already in designing and manufacturing luxury interior elements for yachts, airplanes, housing, etc. They collaborate successfully with world-renowned designers and manufacturers who swear by the high quality and satisfied customers.

Roletarstvo Medle has grown into the leading manufacturer of blinds in Slovenia, and they are increasingly expanding abroad. In addition to the blinds, they also manufacture windows and offer their customers a comprehensive solution in one place.