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Mayor's office


​Address: Rotovž, Glavni trg 7, 8000 Novo mesto

E-mail: kabinet@novomesto.si


00 386 7 39 39 244 (Administration)

00 386 7 39 39 204 (Head of the Mayor's Office)

00 386 7 39 39 239 (International Relations and Protocol)

00 386 7 39 39 341 (Public Relations)


Mr Gregor Macedoni, M.Ec.


E-mail: gregor.macedoni@novomesto.si

Phone: 00 386 7 39 39 244


MacedoniGregor Macedoni began his first term of office as the Mayor of the Urban Municipality of Novo mesto at the end of 2014. At the end of 2018, he was re-elected and began his second term of office as the Mayor. Before taking the office, he worked in economy sector, however, he has always cooperated by means of civil-society organizations at the local, national and international levels. Before holding the Mayor's position at the town hall, he was the CEO of the Trimo MSS company, the function which often required him to go on business trips around the world.

As the Mayor he strives to contribute to the vision of Novo mesto he had determined before the elections, namely, that Novo mesto will become a municipality where it is pleasant to live, work, study and entertain oneself. To realise this vision, he seeks to change the functioning of broader municipal systems and, in particular, to implement specific investments.

He was born in 1973 in Novo mesto where he attended both primary and secondary grammar school. Later he followed his desire to upgrade his knowledge and chose to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Ljubljana. During his study years he participated actively in the student organization and he graduated with honours in 1997. Later on, he completed his postgraduate study of economy in Ljubljana while he was already working. His home is in Novo mesto together with his wife and their four children.


Deputy mayors

Mr Boštjan Grobler

Contact: bostjan.grobler@novomesto.si

GroblerBoštjan Grobler, University graduate in economy, was born on February 17, 1974 and spent his youth in Arja vas in the Savinja Valley.

After completing the natural sciences and mathematics secondary school in Celje, he enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. After completing his studies, he was employed at the BTC, d. d. company as a professional logistics assistant, and he later pursued his career as a logistics manager at Trimo, d. d. company.

In 2004, he became the Director of the Student Association of Novo mesto Work Service and carried out a successful merger with two other student work services what became the Agencija M servis d. o. o. employment agency, owned by three student clubs. Concurently, he managed the project of the purchase and restoration of the former Fish restaurant on the Main Square in Novo mesto. For the reconstruction, he acquired more than 1 million euros of funds from the Norwegian mechanism and bank loans. The Situla Hostel was awarded as the most appealing hostel in Slovenia in 2009. It also received the recognition by the Kingdom of Norway for one of the best projects funded by this mechanism. The Situla Hostel is still the only town hostel that was built without public funds.
As a member of the Agency M servis d. o. o. Management Board, he takes the credit in the commercial field which has assured the company to become the second largest employment service in Slovenia.

Since 2012, he has been working in his own company which employs 10 people. He also works as a coach (holding the ICF license) in many Slovenian companies and cooperates with numerous Slovenian managers.
Since 1999, he has been living in the Drska part of Novo mesto with his wife Mateja and four children.


Mr Peter Kostrevc

Contact: peter.kostrevc@novomesto.si


Peter Kostrevc was born on July 3, 1970 in Novo mesto, where he still lives with his family today. After finishing primary school, he continued his education attending the Secondary School for Woodworking in Škofja Loka. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Ljubljana, and during his studies he actively participated in various study activities at home and abroad, among others in Stuttgart, Germany. As he was receiving a scholarship from the Republic of Slovenia, he got employed in the year 2000, after completing his studies, at the Ministry of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, the Office for Spatial Development, and held the position of the Advisor for Local Spatial Planning Development, where he passed proficiency examination as well.

In 2004 he got a job in the international trading company LIDL, with a branch in Slovenia, where he took care of expanding the network of shopping centres in Slovenia. In 2008 he got a job in the construction company GPV VIDIC d.o.o. Novo mesto, as a technical director, and in 2011 he continued his career in the URSA SLOVENIJA d.o.o., where he is still employed as a Quality Manager. As a product manager, together with some external contractors, he prepared and implemented the URSA Acoustics program and trained the users of the URSA Construction Physics and URSA Acoustics. Peter Kostrevc has obtained a licenses for both a certified architect and for membership in the Supervisory Boards.

In addition to regular work obligations, he is also active in social areas of life. He holds the function of the vice-president in the City Committee of the SDS party. As a candidate on the party’s list, he was elected to the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Novo mesto in the periods from 2014 to 2018 and from 2018 to 2022. He is the chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Spatial Planning, Utilities and Transport, and as a member of the committee he also participates in the Committee for Monitoring the Situation of the Roma Community and in the Committee on the Economy. For the second term, he is also actively participating in the Council of KS Bučna vas, in activities to improve the conditions for the local quality of life. He is an active member of several Councils of Public Institutions. In this term of office, he is the president of the Council of the Grm Primary School. In the bodies in which he actively participates, his desire is to contribute to an even greater quality of work, a positive atmosphere and quality and recognisability in the environment.

He likes spending time with his family, as well as his free time preserving nature and animals, he is an active member of the Padež Hunting Association, where he is also a member of the Board.


Mrs Sara Tomšič

Contact: sara.tomsic@novomesto.si


Sara Tomšič, policy analysis and public administration graduate is an active citizen from her highschool years onward. She was an advocate for youth policies in Ljubljana and Novo mesto, working for the National Youth Council of Slovenia. Versed of working in private and nongovernmental sector, managing teams and coordinating projects, she started to work at the Municipality of Novo mesto in 2014. With experiance ranging from public relations, marketing, advocacy, project management and policy creation, she joined the team of Municipality's current Mayor Gregor Macedoni, first as the Head of Mayor's office and later as a Deputy Mayor, incharge of development projects and Local Welfare System.

She lives in Novo mesto with her husband and son.