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Town centre is being renovated for all of us

date: 22. 02. 2019

In Novo mesto, we are renovating the town centre's Glavni trg (the Main Square). Several stages of the renovation project have been planned. The entire project requires a renovation of the form and function of central open public spaces in the town centre of Novo mesto: the Main Square, Rozman Street, entrance to Novi trg (the New Square), Kastelec Street, Linhart Street, the lower part of the Prešeren Square between Kastelec Street and Rozman Street and the Kandija crossroad.

After acquiring urban rights, the town of Novo mesto went through a number of changes, nevertheless, one of the major renovations took place 60 years ago, being devoted primarily to building new traffic infrastructure for the function of transit. Combined with the previous poor management and rapidly changing social conditions, this gradually led to the economic and social setback of the town centre as well as weakening of the town's traditional role as a connection between the inhabitants of the municipality coming from far and near. But the town needs its centre, which has always been a symbol of friendship, socializing and mingling. Therefore, we decided to take a comprehensive approach in order to re-arrange the centre into a pleasant environment, attractive for living, doing business and enjoying in leisure activities.


The renovation has also included archaeological excavations, as the sounding showed that there are numerous remnants of the town's rich past hidden under the Main Square. More detailed archaeological research on pavement residues, located under granite cubes and of the so-called cultural layers under the pavement residues revealed many historical attractions and valuables. Among the most interesting finds there are some coins dating from the 16th or 17th century, pieces of modern ceramics, bone residues, metallurgical particles and slag particles. Upon completion of in-depth research of the lower part, more thorough archaeological excavations were undertaken on the upper part. Archaeologists currently believe that the well-preserved pavement dates back to the period between the 15th and 18th centuries.

The first leg of the renovation project dealing with public areas of the city centre envisaged the reconstruction of the Main Square, Pugelj Street and Rozman Street. The goals of the renovation were: replacement of depleted infrastructure, renovation and embellishment of the centre, prompting the town's attractions within the tourist offer for residents and tourists alike, namely, promoting new forms of commerce, restaurants and events, following and realising the residents' initiatives; pursuing integrated transport strategy related to improved conditions for sustainable mobility, reducing traffic in the town centre, emphasising better conditions for the use of traffic areas for cyclists and pedestrians, providing favourable infrastructure that, will attract new investors despite the increase in the value of real estate in the areas of renovation, and encouraging individuals to make regular use of attractions in the city centre.

The work includeded paving, construction of junctions and pavements, construction of infrastructure collector and other construction works, at the crossroads of Kastelčeva and Rozmanova Streets in particular work on sewage and water supply infrastructure. The edge of the Main Square and the entrance to Rozman Street remain closed. Asphalting of this section was ended in early March and the first leg of the project was completed in early April. The parking garage project which is to be built under the Kapitelj is underway.


The traffic regime in the town centre has been changed for the time of the renovation, but it remains unchanged at the grand opening of the Main Square. Rozman Street is closed up to the crossroads with Foto Asja. Traffic is diverted from Prešeren Square to Florian Square exclusively, and from there along Sokol Street to the Kandija bridge. There, the residents can use the exit from Jenko and Detel Streets along Dilanec Street towards Šolska Street. Urban Municipality of Novo mesto namely argued for the complete closure of the square for transport, assuming a broad consensus among the residents, entrepreneurs and customers in the town centre.

We continue to provide the possibility of free two-hour parking in parking lots in the vicinity of the town centre.

Companies, shops, bars and restaurants expect you at their regular working time during the renovation.

As we strive to make our town green and sustainable, we have already planted seven hornbeams in front of the Center Hotel in the lower part of the Main Square, a columnar oak in front of the cafe, and two Japanese cherry trees opposite the town hall. The number and types of trees corresponds to the conservation plan by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia that was created on the basis of the Main Square layout, as planned by the architect Marjan Mušič at the time of the 1950 renovation. Pursuant to this plan, the trees will be replaced also in the upper part of the Main Square, however, since the trees are in appropriate condition, the change will be made at the end of their life span. The renovated town centre will allow for more trees than before the renovation. In the Main Square we have already placed some benches for sitting, resting or socializing, and we plan to make some more similar infrastructure improvements as part of further work.

Should you have any questions related to the renovation, please contact us during our office hours on the telephone number 051 663 030 and at e-mail .